I want to complain about the bar crawl that we arranged with you on Saturday night. We had such a good time that we didn’t want to leave the next day and wanted to go out again!

After all the problems we had arranging the bar crawl and even emailing you last minute to arrange it maybe one of the best decisions we made all holiday. I thought I’d give you feedback on the night.

On our first night in Barcelona we failed as we didn’t know where to go to and we kept being turned away from bars as the group was too big. This made the first night average and on the way home I made the decision to book through you and that’s why we emailed at 2 in the morning to book.

Ellie and Naomi were amazing, proper well done to them! Controlling 10 lads isn’t easy on a night out (with a little help from me!) but they did a great job taking us to the different bars and clubs and getting us all there safely (OK one guy got pick pocketed and lost money and phone but that was his own fault, nothing they could have done). My mate who’s stag it was also said how they help make the whole weekend special which is what it was all about! We all thought afterwards that booking the bar crawl through you was exactly what we should have done ages ago and it really topped off a great few days away!

Also lastly a personal massive thanks to Ellie, thanks for sending someone so cute and you have a real good person in this little one! Without giving her too much of a big head and the fact that she stole brining the hen do over to us (even thought it was me that arranged it) she did amazing and really showed us a great night. She maybe one of the reasons I would fully recommend you to anyone who was going in the future. Lastly without Ellie I might not have found my way home, without her directing me at the end it might have taken a hell of a lot longer and I may have been the most sober at that point, so thanks for that too!!

I hope you receive this email as I see some of my emails have been bouncing back so might have to send it from another account if this doesn’t get through.

Thanks again