Body Sushi Barcelona

€39 / £35 Per Person
Private location Barcelona
8 - 25 Capacity

If you love Sushi and haven’t experienced eating of a sexy guys body, your hen party in Barcelona is the perfect excuse to try it out. Body Sushi is the most exclusive form of serving sushi. It consists in eating straight from the body of a professional male model who will be lying on a bed of petals for your eyes to feast on.

Body Sushi Barcelona includes:

1. Sushi presented and served on the naked body of a professional male model

2. 5 different types of Sushi

2. 12 Pieces of Sushi Per Person

3. 1 hour serving

4. Private Room for your group in Lounge Bar

5. Free VIP guest list to a choice of clubs in Las Ramblas or Port Olympic


Your Body Sushi will be beautifully presented in a private lounge of a very cool cocktail bar located in the very centre of Barcelona.  Contact us for more info.

Please note that this service is 8 people minimum (Includes Free VIP Club Entrance)

What is Body Sushi?

Body Sushi Barcelona is the most exclusive form of serving sushi you can imagine. It is a contemporary form of the two traditional ways of serving sushi or sashimi. Nyotaimori when translated means “presentation of the female body” or “served on a woman” and Nantaimori, then refers to presentation on the male body. Whether the model is a woman (which it’s not) or a man (which it is), it is the human body that is treated as the most sophisticated crockery you can afford.


The most characteristic element of a Body Sushi Barcelona ceremony is the aspect of serving the human body. All cultures have such an intimate sphere related to nakedness and undisturbed privacy of the human body. Depending on the region, culture and religion, it is a taboo subject to a smaller or larger extent. Body Sushi blurs the borders between natural shyness of the naked body, cultural influences and intimacy which we usually enjoy in our own bedroom. Some people refer to Body Sushi function as playing with food, similar to such fun as placing whipped cream on one’s lover. Both games are based on the same principle; however, in the case of Body Sushi much more attention is paid to the very dish.

PayPal: Please note PayPal is not a payment option for this service as it is classed as an adult activity and is against the terms of PayPals Acceptable Use Policy.


€39 / £35 Per Person


Feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

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