Terms & Conditions


Here at BCN Events and crawls, we expect our clients to abide by certain terms and conditions, we have these set in place not only for us but also for you. Our clients safety is our number one priority and if your group follows the conditions below, then everyone will have a great time.

We strongly recommend during your stay in Barcelona to make sure you have sufficient travel insurance to cover all medical costs, damages/loss/thefts, flight delays or cancellations. We will not be held accountable for any of the above so please refer to the wording of your policy.

0.2 Nightclub Entrance:

In relation to our night club entrance policy, we as a company cannot fully guarantee entry, especially under mitigating situations such as incorrect attire, late arrival, personal attitude, lude behaviour, being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol etc. It is at the discretion of the proprietor or their subordinates to permit entry. Therefore BCN Events and Crawls are in no way obligated to offer in part a refund, full refund or other product or service.

We state that entrance to a nightclub is viewed as a complimentary entity and that in no way does this form part of a monetary transaction between you as client and our company as vendor. Any event booked through BCN Events and crawls comes in part with this complimentary service.

0.3 Delayed Services:

Due to regular demonstrations, taxi strikes which include most public transport and built up traffic due to the rerouting of vehicles on the main roads of Barcelona. BCN Events and Crawls can not accept liability for any short delays of 15 to 30 minutes for bookings and kindly ask clients to take the above into consideration when completing a booking.

0.4 What do we expect from you?

Your group to act and behave in a safe and friendly manner.

To follow all safety briefs and instructions from your tour leader. We will expect you to dress and equip yourself suitably as indicated in each tour description.

In the event of breakages and damage to fully compensate immediately.

To not abuse or cause offence to staff members

To treat our guides and representatives with respect.

To not endanger your group or others in disobeying strict safety instructions.

If we believe there is a possibility that you will cause injury to yourself or anyone else we may remove you from the tour and we will offer no compensation as part of this action.

If we or a tour leader believe that you have broken any of the above conditions we have the right to remove you without prejudice. You must let us know of any existing medical condition which may affect your ability to participate fully in an event.
If a member of your group makes an action resulting in death of injury, we do not accept liability for their negligence. We will take no responsibility for anyone who has not followed instructions and has caused this to happen.

Certain tours we have will incur certain restrictions such as weight or height restrictions, we will do our best to inform you of these before making a booking and will seek to find an alternative. All of our tour leaders are professionals and their decision to discontinue a tour is final.

We recommend you have sufficient cover for all of our activities as we are will not be held liable as stated. If you are part taking in an event which may be deemed as a “dangerous activity” please refer to the wording of your policy and ensure you have checked these terms and conditions before partaking in any activities.
In regards to any tour which requires you to sign a disclaimer they and we are not liable for any loss, injury or death incurred by taking part in this activity. If you do not consent to this then the tour will be required to be discontinued without compensation.


All cancellations must be made to our email address mail@bcneventsandcrawls.com. We will reply within 24-48 hours.

When making a cancellation the notice will be as follows with the compensation stated:

4 weeks before tour we offer a 80% refund of total payment
4-2 weeks before tour we offer a 50% refund of total payment
2-0 weeks before tour we offer 0% refund of total payment

In the event of an individual member of your group cancelling we will offer a refund as stated above, however this will null and void any group discounts offered. This may necessitate a further payment by you to pay the difference between the previous discounted price and the revised price.

We require all group numbers and special dietary requests to be submitted to us in a timely fashion and in order for us to confirm your booking with sufficient time. We require 5 or more weeks to guarantee your confirmation.

Any deposits paid prior to completing will be subject to a pro rata refund as stated in the tariffs above.

0.6 What if the tour is cancelled by us?

In the event of adverse weather conditions and our suppliers deem the risk to continue the tour to be too great we will offer a 100% refund deductible of any charges incurred. If we cancel the tour due to this reason we will endeavour to offer you an alternative to reschedule for another date within 7 days (subject to availability) or to transfer to another tour which is equal to, but not greater than the cost of the original tour. Any remaining amount from this action will be refunded to you. Our refund procedure can take up to 7 working days however we will endeavour to compensate you as soon as possible.

0.7 Unless we cancel in the circumstances described above, we will only cancel if:

If under excruciating circumstances we cannot organise the event due to insolvency or bankruptcy. This applies to our suppliers and ourselves.

We are under the belief that any member of your group may damage or cause financial loss to us or our suppliers.

If we are unable to conduct the event due to a lack of numbers creating the need where by continuing on with the event would be impracticable or uneconomical for all concerned.

Upon confirmation of your booking and completing on the total amount, we will adhere to the above refund tariffs. Subject to any refunds incurred we will endeavour to compensate you as quickly as possible, however in circumstances beyond our control we will inform you without prejudice.

0.8 Confirmation of this agreement:

By reading the above you fully understand these terms and conditions and will not hold BCN Events and Crawls accountable. If you have not understood these, any questions on this policy can be directed to our email address mail@bcneventsandcrawls.com

We wish you a safe, fun and enjoyable stay in Barcelona.