Paintball Barcelona

€30 / £27 Per Person
8 - 50 Capacity

Paintball Barcelona

If you’re looking for a full action paintball day during you Barcelona stag do, an afternoon of paintball is definitely top of the list. We have the best and modern paintball facilities in Barcelona with 5 paintball fields, replica war scenarios with maximum detail such as army trucks, forests prepared for maximum fun and even a castle for our storm the fortress senario!

We use the best quality equipment, material and put in place all the necessary health and safety precautions.  Our complex for paintball Barcelona is located just 25 minutes from the city.

You can combine Paintball with our Go Karting as a package.  If this is something of interest to your group contact us for more information and our package prices

Feel the adrenaline with Paintball Barcelona.

1. Win the fight in the war and defeat the enemy troops
2. Choose your best strategy in forest over 4000 m2 with multiple areas of attack and defense
3. Storm the fortress
4. Demonstrate your ability to camouflage between bunkers
5. Challenge the enemy in the jungle on a melee battle

Experience the ultimate paintball experience in a space created to give you the maximum adrenaline rush.

Paintball Barcelona Packages:

1. Army Package – Price €30 (per person)

200 paint balls + equipment (gun, face mask and boiler suit)

2. Premium Package – Price €35 (per person)

500 paint balls + equipment (gun, face mask and boiler suit)

Extra Ammunition:

100 paintballs – €6

2000 paintballs – €90


€30 / £27 Per Person


Feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

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