Chupitos Shot Bar

“Chupitos” means shots in Spanish and the bars of Espit Chupitos in Barcelona have become one of the best know shot bars in the city. They serve over 500 different shots at 2 euros each. Some of the shots are very tasty and others seem to be in direct violation of sanity and push the boundaries of health and saftey like the “Harry Potter” which is a flaming and tasty experience. Just be careful when drinking drink the firey shots until the fire is completely out because we havn’t seen a bar on fire quite like this one. The first Chupitos shot bar opened in Barcelona in the year 2000 in 77, Calle Aribau, between the streets calle Mallorca and Valencia. One of their other chupitos bars which we use for our VIP Private Pub Crawls is on located on Passege de Colom.

If you are looking for a place to drink something in a relaxed ambiance and chat with your friends, this is not the place for you. Chupitos Barcelona is a crazy bar, always crowded and with a very funny atmosphere. Definitely great place to start an evening before heading out to other bars and night clubs.


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