Ryans Irish Bar

Do you feel like having fun tonight? Want to meet nice people? Drink for really cheap? Or just have a nice time with your friends at any hour?
Then you want Ryans!

Born in 2004 Ryans now hosts 3 Irish Pubs in the heart of Barcelona’s old town, one Irish Pub in Gràcia and much more to come!

The company’s vision is to be the Ryanair of the pub industry, offering to its clients extensively more than what the other bars offer but charging considerably less. It is in Ryans belief that your best moments should not cost extra.

Which other pub offers you 1€ beer?

At Ryans you will always find your favourite drinks available for unbelievably low prices, friendly staff and an unique and warm atmosphere making you feel at home, even if you are from Alasca or Katmandu!

There is something going on every day and every night, whether it is a DJ playing, a Ladies night or an Erasmus party with cocktails for 2.50€ and lots more for your satisfaction.

Enjoy watching all the games of your favourite teams at all bars accompanied by your favourite beers.

Go to Events to know more about Ryans’ activities and promotions and check our Sports List to know what matches are on.

You can also create your own event in Ryans from birthday celebrations to stag parties.

Welcome to the CRAIC, welcome to RYANS!


Feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

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