KIOSKO Burgers

GOURMET BURGERS ARRIVE! Inspired Burgers of other times, the Kiosko attempts to recover the tradition of gourmet hamburger restaurant in Barcelona with its delicious and healthy burgers. Made to the charcoal barbecue with the best and freshest ingredients. And all with a single purpose. Be content to you and your stomach.

The secret to making a good burger is simply to always choose the best ingredients. And that is also the only secret Kiosk. Prepare the burgers with the best meat from various regions of Spain. No freezing or precocinarlas. Grilled made to have that distinctive and appetizing barbeque flavor. And even with sauces-tomato-caseras.Y that’s not all, every morning a trusted baker s delivery Kiosko their freshly baked muffins. Admit it, you’re willing to go.


The buns are always a day and made art-sanalmente with organic flour makes better know.You have 3 types to choose from: the classic soft white, light and incredibly comprehensive deluxe brioche made with eggs, butter and milk.


The “veggies” are made of 100% organic ingredients and are completely suitable for vegetarians. They are made on the grill instead of frying.Because vegetarians are also entitled to enjoy the taste of barbecue.


The veal comes only from domestic herds of proven quality.And you can choose between two excellent varieties:

Northern Beef. This beef comes from regions like Asturias and Castilla León where the climate is cool and pleasant. Only feeds on grain and so acquires an exquisite taste.

Veal in the Pyrenees. This variety of beef is called “Salers”.Released and is fed only grass in the Pyrenees of Lleida. It is a strong and rustic breed easily adapts to the low temperatures in the Pyrenees and produces a high quality meat. 100% organic, a unique taste and very tender.


The cakes are also made with natural ingredients. So do not worry because there are no chemical or artificial. Additionally, facts thus know better. You can choose from the classic chocolate brownie and monthly specials with seasonal fruits


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