Defined as an annual event for a stag party group to celebrate and relive the memories from their weekend away, stagaversaries are proving to be a big hit, especially here in Barcelona with BCN Events & Crawls.

In a nutshell, you all get together and do it all again, but hopefully bigger and better, after earning your wings on the original trip.  So would you do it all again?  And if you did, what would you do differently from last time?  What worked well?  What didn’t?  Did you try to organize activities yourself, only to be left standing outside the club, unable to get in because Toby got the wrong VIP tickets or the gang dressed inappropriately?

Creating something as special as a stag party and getting all your mates together in one place wasn’t as easy as you thought.  We all have that friend who mucked things up at the strip club.  Big Dave and his antics caused mayhem, but that’s just the way you love him.  What about Trev who couldn’t make it the first time around?  Baz who got his backside tattooed… nevermind, but that’s the beauty of a stagaversary, you don’t invite Baz this time!

Well, all of that and more could feature again on your stagaversary reunion with BCN Events & Crawls. Nothing compares to a weekend in Barcelona, because of its great beaches, sunshine and infamous nightlife scene and bar-culture, all wrapped in a one short-flight away bundle.

Our clients not only experience the best Barcelona has to offer, but they allow us to plan and coordinate their whole itinerary, so that the weekend flows without mishaps and no time is wasted.  It’s a really important occasion, and at BCN Events & Crawls, nobody realises that more than us.

We eat, sleep and breathe this all year long, so while you may not have used our services the first time around, or even if you did, roll the dice one more time and choose from our unique selection of top-rated tours and activities or tailor-made packages, where all potential problem pitfalls have been thought through thoroughly.

Maybe the WAGs can also come on your first stagaversary and join in with all the fun?  Bit too soon though… maybe the next one, eh?

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